I’m a huge fan of the artists who have captured the essence of Paris with it’s old stucco walls, shuttered windows, balconies with wrought iron railings, flower markets, café’s and cobblestones.
This set is my first attempt at a balcony set.  Set above a Paris street with it’s coffee shops, boutiques and cafes, this balcony allows the subject to stand and regard the scene from their own beautiful, personal space.
To add ambience I included coach lamps on either side of the door and can light up the interior to cast ambient light over the scene.
The flowers in this set have proven difficult so I made up some tissue stand ins to represent the flowers which I can add in in post production.
This was my first foray into flowers, which I need to get better at because they embellish so many of my favourite paintings and if I’m going to continue to try to recreate these scenes I’m going to need to be much better at flowers.​​​​​​​
The piece itself measures 2’ X 3’ and is covered with layers of plaster and pumice gel mixed with various shades of acrylic paint to give it a warm, weathered texture.
The Build
The Model

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