I love the paintings by Jim Holland, particularly the austere seaside images with a single chair and a window.  I could instantly visualize a person it these scenes and so I constructed my ‘Holland House’.
I used one piece of foam core, scored and folded as the shell and then added two dividers as interior walls.
I was able to optimize this piece by for camera access by leaving each end open revealing a completely different room scene.  The windows allow me to have light falling on the walls with the frames to add shadows, as well as add subtle seaside backgrounds if I so choose.
The only thing missing are the sheer curtains billowing in the breeze – these will be added later.
While several pieces of furniture are dollhouse miniatures, the stuffed chair is my first attempt at making a piece of furniture for my sets.  It’s basically foam core, cardboard and padding wrapped in material.
I also made my first bed (yes Mom, it happened!) for the ‘Blue Bed’ series, but cutting blue and white fabric sheets and draping them over a block of Styrofoam and then soaking them in water and hairspray to get the ‘fall’ right.
Notice in some scenes the painting is actually a photo from my Tuscan Courtyard set.

Model Progression from Raw Image to Finished Product
Raw Model Images
Some Build Shots

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